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This is a Stunning New VW T5 Transporter conversion to a RACELINE EXECUTIVE EDITION T5. This project will see the complete conversion of  a VW Transporter and incorporate a complete exterior custom colour change to a VW Black Berry  Metallic Paint Finish as well as a Caravelle Interior Conversion.

The project began with the arrival of  this 2010, 60 Reg VW Transporter T30 2.0 Tdi Panel van in Silver to our units in Chippenham. The first stage would see the stripping of the interior trim for our Signature Gloss Black Detailing and into the Paintshop for a Custom Colour Change to a VW Black Berry Metallic finish.  

On arrival in the paintshop all doors, bumpers, lights and bonnet were removed and the exterior surfaces were fully prepared.  Ready for its Custom Red Berry Metallic Paint job.

After being sprayed and baked and fully polished in custom Black Berry Metallic Paint  the van was moved into the workshop.  Already starting to take shape with colour coded handles, Gloss Black mirror housings and colour coded front and rear bumpers with splitters.  What a transformation from a few weeks ago, from this to this….

A lift on the ramp to fit our very own 40mm Eibach Raceline Pro Kit Lowering Springs, This is a World Exclusive in Eibach Suspension for the VW T5 Transporter. Customvanz have teamed up with Eibach GMBH to design and develop a suspension spring with a 40mm drop. Volkswagen run Eibach Springs on the VW Sportline T5  with a 30mm Drop and an Eibach Uprated Heavy Duty Sports Springs on Caravelles T5’s. Eibach suspension is approved, sold and fitted by Volkswagen Van Centres.

The result of our collaboration with Eibach is our very own Eibach Raceline 40mm Pro Kit in Lime Green exclusively designed, built and tested for Customvanz by Eibach GMBH.  This brand new kit  is the Only Eibach Pro Kit with a 40mm drop for your T5.

All fitted and set on Van rated 20” HOCK Alloys Wheels with a Diamond Cut Polished Face.  

On with a few jobs to the exterior with a Raceline Rear Spoiler fitted and Genuine VW LED DRL Lights installed. As well as fitting a VW Executive Caravelle Grill and fitting the Caravelle Rear Lights to the double Doors after the door modification done in the Piantshop. The Carbon Black VW badge with Guards Red backing was also set in executive Caravelle grill. All finished with VW T5 Transporter Gloss Black Stainless Steel Side Tubes.

With the Exterior all done, the next task to be tackled is the interior. So first with a complete strip down of the interior ply lining and Grey VW panels from the roof and side and the bulk head. Start of the 3 stage Sound Deadening, Insulation and Acoustic Lining Package. This package will eliminate approx 90% road noise which travels through the rear of your van, make it extremely warm and comfortable and eliminate any kind of condensation you may be experiencing.

Complete lining package to include the covering of all steelwork in the rear of your van including the floor pan insulating all voids and recesses including the roof fitment of new 6mm CNC machined ply panels with acoustic fibre covering Acoustic fibre covered roof  panels

Then progressing with cutting out and fitting the Front Genuine VW Opening Glass Windows, Rear Fixed Genuine VW  Glass and Genuine VW Rear Glass for the rear doors.  

Rapidly getting there now we start on the floor for Executive Caravelle seating. The floor is started with the fitting of the runners to the floor of the van, an Acoustic Fibre Lining Floor Pan and followed up with 18mm ply floor stage and a overlay 6mm ply floor stage, fitted around the floor and Caravelle Seat runners.  The Caravelle Flooring being the final stage before fitting the Executive Caravelle Seating and Two Front Captain Seats finished in Finest Italian Raceline Nappa Leather are installed.

Installation of LED Lighting in the roof lining and 12V power points in the rear cabin. Finally finishing with the fitting of a Nav unit, Gloss Black dash trims, Leather Multi Function Steering Wheel and Leather Gear Knob and the Gloss Black door handles with Chrome release handles.  This finished Raceline Executive Edition is absolutely stunning.

This stunning conversion can be tailored exactly to your specifications, so why not give us a call at Customvanz to discuss your requirements. On 01249 460081

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