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This really is the benchmark that all speakers are measured by when it comes to VW T5 Transporter door speaker upgrades. So if you looking for the Ultimate Door Speaker Upgrade then these 300W Mille Legend 165.3 mean you won’t need to look any further.

The Hertz Mille 165.3 2 Way Component Speakers are of a  very high-quality construction, from the tweeters with their cast housings, to the large and complex crossover networks  The midrange driver with full coverage cone/dust cap and machined bright work around the circumference of the cast aluminium basket. The mid/woofer is powered by a high density neodymium magnet with a low carbon content CNC-machined plate.

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The Ultimate Front Door Speaker Upgrade from the Superior Mille Range of Top End Speakers

Technical Specification


Woofer mm (in.) 165 (6.5)

Tweeter diaphragm mm (in.) 35 (1.38)

Crossover mm (in.) 146 x 114 x 40 (5.74 x 4.49 x 1.57)

Voice Coil Diameter:

Woofer mm (in.) 36 (1.4)

Tweeter mm (in.) 28 (1.1)

Power Handling:

W peak 300

W continuous 150

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response Hz 40 - 25k

Crossover cut-off Lo/Hi-pass 3.5 kHz -12 dB Oct

Crossover adjustment Tweeter Level +2 / 0 / -2 dB

Hi-Contour ON / OFF

Weight of one component

Woofer kg (lb) 1.65 (3.64)

Tweeter kg (lb) 0.075 (0.16)

Crossover kg (lb) 0.37 (0.82)

ML 28.3 Legend

1. Double Neodymium magnet optimized with FEA simulations, for maximum field

symmetry and exceptional transfer efficiency.

2. Tetolon Fiber dome optimized with FEA simulations, for excellent dynamics and angle dispersion.

3. Larger rear chamber, to reduce Fs from 1000Hz to 900Hz.

4. Natural fibre non-woven sound-absorption material, for better damping and more natural

acoustic emission.

ML 165.3 Legend

1. CCAW double-layer 36 mm voice coil on Kapton former, for exceptional power handling and

no-compromise dynamics.

2. Exponential V-cone®

 with optimized geometry for better dispersion and higher SPL performance.

3. “Boundary Free” IIR rubber surround, for higher efficiency.

4. Cotton-injected paper cone for stiffness, lightweight and dynamics.

5. Three-spoke, anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket featuring built-in venting holes.

6. Highly acoustic transparent basket design

MLCX 165.3 Legend

1. “Hi-Contour” two-position control, to select the tweeter hi-pass crossover point according

to the tweeter position/angle towards the listener.

2. Three terminals for tweeter level adjustment in 2 dB steps, to fine-tune the transducer’s


3. Extremely high quality bi-metallized 160V polyester film capacitors with ultra-low DF,

for maximum sound transparency and neat mid/hi-frequencies.

4. Air wound built on pure copper-wire copper-wire with up to 1mm diameter, for high

saturation threshold of the magnetic flux and low losses on the woofer section where

high transient currents are demanded.

5. High power rating Wirewound resistors, to ensure performance stability even at high

operating temperature. The Wirewound build construction grants low parasitic series

inductance thus reducing losses at high frequencies, especially for resistors in series to

the tweeter.